Why I Set Up Matchless Gas Solutions

When I started Matchless Gas Solutions, I wanted to do something different to the other companies I came across in the heating services area. There were a few things that I knew we could do so much better!


Delivering Excellence

Through the experiences of my own family and friends, I knew there was a gap in the market for a company that put their customers first and was 100% committed to delivering excellence in the service provided.


The Best Products

"You Get What You Pay For" is a saying my dad used to use, and in the heating industry this is very true! We make sure that we only work with the best quality manufacturers, so that the excellent service we provide is supported by the highest quality products, all of which help to protect our customers over the lifetime of the equipment we provide.

Transparent Contracts
I was frustrated by how companies were not honouring their obligations by hiding behind obscure terms hidden in service contracts, so I decided to be different, by being transparent with my service terms. A simple 100% Quality Assurance Guarantee!


Fully Documented Service History

I saw how other companies simply serviced heating systems and their customers were left hoping that the engineer did their job properly, so I decided that as a business we need to be fully accountable for the service we provide. I implemented technology that allows us to electronically document all services, including photographs, so that our customers have a full service history that is available from us, simply by calling our service team.

Michael & Family - Summer Holidays - 2018

The Right Service & Support Teams

We hand pick our engineers, making sure that they are Gas Safe Certified, and keep up to date by attending certified manufacturer training  every year, as well as training on the latest technology in our field.


Local Service & Support Team

We want our customers to have one point of contact, regardless of whether it's a problem that the manufacturer needs to address, or a simple customer service query. We want our customers to hear a local, friendly voice at the end of the phone, not go to a distant call center somewhere across the globe. We are a local company serving our local community.


The success of Matchless Gas Solutions is directly related to how well we serve you and your family, the community and all we interact with. That's why it is my promise to you, that we will do our utmost to deliver the highest quality service possible at all times.


If you have any questions or need my help, please contact me directly and I will do my utmost to assist you.


Kindest regards,

Michael Tonner

Michael Tonner

Managing Director

Matchless Gas Solutions

Matchless Gas Solutions

Leven Valley Enterprise Centre, 5 Castlehill Rd, Dumbarton G82 5BN

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